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27 March 2006 @ 11:17 pm
A: Euro Ring... I dunno

A: Getting ready to sleep.

A: I don't use text messaging.

A: Mine own.

A: Black graphic tank, green bolero.

A: Peter Pan, the newest version with real people. I was disappointed.

A: My helix ring, and my permanent retainer...? Or my moon/star ring.

A: I'm using my blue ones.

A: $15. I get paid tomorrow!! :D

Q: What is your favorite part of the chicken?
A: The thigh and drumsticks.

Q: What's your favorite town/city?
A: Toronto, Puerto Vallarta, and New Orleans.

Q: I can't wait to...?
A: Graduate High School, and get a job. Oh jeeze...three months...

Q: When was the last time you saw your mom?
A: About 5 minutes ago.

Q: When was the last time you saw your dad?
A: About 10 minutes ago.

Q: When was the last time you talked to them?
A: In between 5 to 10 minutes ago, as stated above.

Q: Who got you to join myspace?
A: I was inpired by Monsieur Cory Martin.

Q: What did you have for dinner LAST NIGHT?
A: Hm...leftover chicken, rice/veggies, and the best lentil soup EVER.

Q: How long have you been at your current job?
A: I guess a year and a half? But come on...two students...:S

Q: Is Tom on your friends list?
A: Yes. Yes he is. We have hot sex.

Q: Look to your left. What's there?
A: Peter Pan programs and a Kleenex box.

Q: Whats the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A: Probably my brother's hoodie.

Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
A: Google, yo. But apart from that, LJ or some random lyrics site.

Q: Do you have an air freshener in your car?
A: Nope. Well maybe a used, old one.

Q: Do you have plants in your room?
A: Yep, two flowers on my piano. :)

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: My shoulders, they are tense and knotted.

Q: What city was your last taxicab ride in?
A: Toronto.

Q: Do you own a picture phone?
A: Nope, digital camera all the way. MAN.

Q: What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
A: Cafe Mocha, low-fat, no whip. But only on occasion. I usually just get the bold roast coffee.

Q: Recent time you were really upset?
A: I think in the middle of last week.

1. Female friends: I have really awesome girly buddies. They know who they are. I don't need to list them. Mostly I'm just afraid I might offend someone, or they might not think me a friend.
2. Vacation: Booyah, Summer break!!
3. Age: 17 and a half.
4. Memories: I have many, and I can't really pick one to be the BEST.

1. Time of day: 4 pm. I don't know why. It's just that rush in the TTC. I hate it.
2. Worst day: Wednesday or Thursday.
3. Food: Hm...overly processed food.
4. Memory: I don't want to sort through them.

1. Person you saw: Holly, Zoe, and Natalie.
2. Talk on the phone with: The Rosedale Heights answering machine.
3. Hugged: My mom.
4. IM: Kent.

1. What are you doing now: This, and listening to music.
2. What are you doing tonight: Sleeping.
3. What are you wearing: Khaki pants that I haven't worn in a really long time, black tank with bright graphic designs, and a green bolero.
4. What did you eat for lunch: One of those nifty cottage cheese cups, and some grapes.

1. Is: Tuesday.
2. Got any plans: School, teach piano for an hour, go to the mall to buy a t-shirt, get a coffee with Kent.
3. Goal: Get to vocal on time (haha, not likely), actually do something productive in vocal (again, this is not likely) and be productive in English.
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Vocal class, and I don't really want to get up at 6:30 a.m. but I have to. Stupid North York.
5. Do you have work: Jah, I teach at 5:30. I get paid. Excellent.

1. Number: 5, 25.
2: Song: At the moment, I can't get enough of K.T. Tunstall and Sarah Harmer.
3. Color: I love all colours. I love to wear blue, green, orange, brown, red, and black.
4. Season: Fall/Summer

1. Dating someone: Yes.
2. Missing someone: Yes.
3. Mood: Okay/tired.
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10 November 2005 @ 05:01 pm
I'm going to go and die now.
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01 November 2005 @ 08:50 pm
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
sweetones goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as a gay man.
_monamour gives you 19 blue grapefruit-flavoured gummy bats.
_mylove gives you 10 light yellow tropical-flavoured gummy bats.
ecstaticism tricks you! You get a clothespin.
lalalalemon gives you 1 teal chocolate-flavoured gumdrops.
mannequin_heart gives you 8 light yellow passionfruit-flavoured nuggets.
numberoneson tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
shleigh gives you 17 dark green raspberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
tracci gives you 7 dark green evil-flavoured jawbreakers.
tuck_turn tricks you! You get a dead frog.
vivre_amour gives you 6 light blue raspberry-flavoured gumdrops.
sweetones ends up with 68 pieces of candy, a clothespin, a scratched CD, and a dead frog.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

You're a ghost!  Wooooh!  You jump at the chance to make people jump and revel in the whole spooky event!
You're a ghost! Wooooh! You jump at the chance to
make people jump and revel in the whole spooky


I know it's a bit late for Halloween memes, but hey. Happy (belated) Halloween!
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30 October 2005 @ 01:44 am
MODEL fucking rocks.

The End.

(I always feel special when Cory sings to me during his shows. He should do it more often. <3 )
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02 October 2005 @ 01:08 pm
Thanks to mysticknyght

I am...

I am the guy who came out to the entire school in his senior speech and got a standing ovation for his courage.

I am the girl who kisses her girlfriend on the sidewalk and laughs at those who glare.

We are the couple who planned and studied and got a damn good lawyer and BEAT the state that wanted to take our child away.

We are the ones who took martial arts classes and carry pepper spray and are just too dangerous to gay bash

I am the transgender person who uses the bathroom that suits me, and demands that any complaining staff explain their complaint to my face in front of the entire restaurant--and shares with my other trans friends which restaurants don't raise a stink.

I am the mother who told her lesbian daughter to invite her girlfriend over for dinner.

I am the father who punished his son for calling you a fag.

I am the preacher who told my congregation that love, not hate, is the definition of a true follower of God.

I am the girl who did not learn the meaning of "homosexual" until high school but never thought to question why two men might be kissing.

I am the woman who argues (quite loudly and vehemently) with the bigots who insist that you do not have the right to marry or raise children.

We are the high school class who agrees, unanimously, along with our teacher, that love should be all that matters.

If you agree, repost this. Do it. You don't have to be afraid. You can handle it. You're stronger than you think.

I am making a difference. Hate will not win.
01 October 2005 @ 11:57 pm
What should I write my Drama Production story about? I need ideas, because my creative juices have stopped flowing. In other words, I have writer's block. EW. D:

In other news, I got a new computer!!! FINALLY. Yessssss, I'm so happy! No more viruses! No more frozen keyboard! Yesssssss.

I bought the documentary No Journey's End, and it's bloody fantastic. Loreena McKennitt is a genius, and her music is so inspiring. Heck, even listening to her talk about her music is inspiring! So I hope to be inspired some time soon.

I went to the University Fair today, and it was very enlightening. I'm probably going to be attending Wilfred Laurier, because it sounds like the kind of place I want to be, other than the fact that I'm not living at home.
:( Sad...

Time to do some ice-cream scooping!
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30 September 2005 @ 02:45 pm
The weirdest thing just happened. I was in the girl's bathroom, and a boy walked in. He just walked in. BUT...he was the Duke. The Duke of Gay. And, apparently, he just needed to clean his infected ear with the help of his fag hag. Hahahahahahaha.

The library computer logged me off without any notice and I was mad, because I was typing this really good entry about how I was on my spare and I needed to pee. And it was also about how after school I'm going to the Danforth with my friends and we're going to Timothy's. I also wrote about the awesome conversations we have there, and if we have another one that is interesting/inpirational/funny, I'll use it to write a story for Drama Production. If not, I'll use the story of when my 94 year old great grandmother made me cry, two weeks ago. And no, she didn't die. She just yelled at me... :|

I also wrote about how I hated when Jewish grandparents use guilt to get their way. No one should have to feel like that. It SUCKS. So, to all those Jewish grandparents who use guilt to get their way: SHUT THE FUCK UP OR ELSE I'LL KICK YOU. Or put you in a home. Ha, that'll teach them.

I think I'll just keep typing until my spare's over.

Ok, I'm bored. Ta.

P.S: University Fair! Yay.
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27 September 2005 @ 05:52 pm
So I haven't updated in a very long time. My life is slowly and surely improving....except the fact that I have PMS in the worst way. But take that away and it's all good! Last weekend, I went to Rachel's party. It was...full of drunken goodness. There was a lot of making out and dancing, and then a lot of puking. But other than that, it was pretty good.

On the day of the party, at ...about 4 o'clock, Holly and I went to Lush and I bought shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has beer in it, and the conditioner has "coconut decoction" in it. It's so good.

I really like M.I.A.
I really like Metric
I really like Peaches
I feel so badass.

P.S: Shaggy is very shagadelic.
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12 August 2005 @ 05:52 pm
I haven't posted anything in a very very long time.

So I figured, I should!

My summer has sucked for these reasons:

- My parents are separating. (I found out the second week of July)
- I am not getting paid to babysit my little brother.
- I haven't seen my friends at all since school's ended.
- I haven't been to any parties.
- I've been asked if I'm a virgin by two boys. One of which DRY HUMPED me. ew.
- A boy who I like is going out with a little slut by the name of Tanya. She looks like she's 12. He's 16. I don't get it.
- My tailbone is bruised, badly. This makes sitting down excruciatingly painful.
- There are more reasons, but I'm going to stop here.

But, there have been a few nice things that have happened:

- The idea of busking through Europe for two months with Alexandra.
- Going to Kipawa, Quebec for a week with Alexandra, her mom and her mom's boyfriend.
- Sleeping over at Jessy's cottage with Jenny, and playing Ouija board. It was creepy...
- My birthday! August 25. I will hopefully have a good day.
- Looking forward to school starting.
- Looking forward to coming back to the city.
- Looking forward to the band trip to Cuba.

You see, one of these lists definitely out-weighs the other. Can you guess which?

Anyways, I'm sorry for ranting on like this.

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16 June 2005 @ 11:04 pm
I'm thinking about dying my hair blonde for the next school year. So, it would be medium curly blonde hair. I still don't know about this, it was a random thought as I was coming home from THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! BOOYAH. In a way, it was kinda sad. I mean, there are so many enjoyable classes, like: English, Sociology, and maybe Band sometimes. But I'll also miss my friends, since I won't see them for the whole summer. I'm excited about being up North with a job, but I'll miss everyone.

I love going to Timothy's with people. We always have the best conversations! Today I was with Zoe and Natalie, and it was awesome. Except for when I felt sick and jittery. That was not fun. Also, it wasn't fun when my mom was angry for coming home "late". And I also forgot that it was my parent's anniversary, which made it worse. I guess I understand where she's coming from, but it was the last day of classes, and I'm probably not going to spend time like that with my friends for two months. Boo.

I keep having dreams with a certain someone being the star of them. This isn't good, since I don't like him much anymore. But now I've started paying slightly more attention to him, despite the fact that I really want to ignore him as much as possible. GUH. And I know this isn't anything special, but two days ago, in Sociology, I made eye contact with him. But very very briefly. And it was weird, because I think he was looking at me before. I have mixed feelings about this... I wish I could go back in time and change things. But then again, maybe they're meant to be. Whatevs.

Well, anywho I think I'd better go. It's going to be a loooooong weekend, what with all the studying I have to do. Ew. KABLAH.
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